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šŸ‘‹Ola Amigos!

šŸ˜‰ My name is Ashish Khare and I love to live on the dirty side of the web planet, aka the javascript tooling world. I'm a frontend developer and I love to build components, libraries and tools for the web.

šŸ”„ I'm currently working on tetrapack logoTetrapack and tetrapack logofolder-routing.

šŸƒ I center my life around topics like VDOM, notion data typing, and of course tailwind.

šŸ‘Ÿ Well, I know a lot of things and learning more. So, follow me to be a part of my journey.

#Experimental Engineer

Currently, I'm studying about compilers and parsers. Also, I picked up Rust to write any of them. It will be my 4th programming language, after Java, Python and Javascript. So far, it's been astounding and the constructs it supports bring up a smile on my face. I'm trying to write a markdown parser in Rust to help frameworks like Astro with markdown and faster build times.

I've also studied React as a framework, including hooks implementations, UI patterns and JSX transformations. I want to share that beneath every abstraction React is all functions. So, think of it as messed up JS and nothing more!

For the web apps, I use NextJS, Tailwind CSS and Supabase. I am a "Fully Frontend Developer". I also know Zustand, Formik, Framer, RTL, Goober and many more libraries.

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#I adore VDOM.

I adore the concept of VDOM and, hence, React. So, I went on a journey of studying more about how React works under the hood and how magic happens. It is the widely adopted use case of Trees, the data structure. I'm impressed.

#I live on trees

Indeed, leaving weed aside, I live on trees. Whether AVLs or RBs, I love them all. Generally, I solve questions on leetcode and have interest for problems hosted in events like advent of code.

Although, I learnt Rust but it seems a bit intimidating so for most of the times I start sketching with Python. I've spent around 2 years writing Python so it is my second language after Hindi. However, I've pledged to write as much as possible Rust. Best way to do something is to start doing it, isn't it?

Advent of code is my favourite competition for coding problems, and this year it got even more tough. I recommend coders to try it out!

#D for Design

"People ignore design that ignores people." - Frank Chimero
Design is the first thing that a user sees and it is the first impression of your product. I've been learning design for a while now and I'm trying to improve my design skills. I've been using Figma for designing and I'm trying to learn more about it.

If you want help with your design or want to discuss it, I'm always open for a chat.

#Webpages are fun

These are some of the webpages that I've built. I've used Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Supabase for building these webpages. I've also used Goober for styling and Zustand for state management. I've also used React Testing Library for testing the components.

These also includes the redesign of few webapges that I came across. The whole purpose is to improve site engagement and user experience.